Packing …

So this is it, we are starting to pack.

I do not believe it, and it’s really hard for me to digest. Two months ago, we played with the idea of ​​another job offering abroad. But this time it was different, they really needed someone urgent and my husband matched the profile and my husband felt the same from his side. We didn’t give expectations too much hope, we said we’ll see ….

But this time it really was different.And Murphy always knows exactly when… Time could not be worse. All kinds of personal problems in the family have made the transition more complicated. But there were reasons that fited just right. We are a family of four who live in a small housing unit, it’s too crowded. A room and a half was fine when we were a couple and even when the first baby came along, but now … we have a 4.5 years old and this year we gave birth to a new baby. It is no longer appropriate and quite crowded. The same thing with our car that was small but we got along, but with the new baby it became really is hard. We decided it was time for changes. The house … Well, we did not know exactly what to do … to renovate, expand or go our and become enslaved to a mortgage. In the background, of course, I am finishing my studies.

Then it happened, my husband signed the contract and within a month of preparation he moved to Amsterdam and we stayed behind due to my studies and had to take a license exam. He flew and I was left with a 5-months-old baby and a 4-years-old daughter, a test and I needed to complete my studies (because I had a baby this year, and a bad pregnancy meant I had quite a few gaps that must be filled).
In fantasy I really wanted to complete the test before I go, today I know that only crazy (wo)man would do it, why?    I’ll tell you…
Three years ago I converted my profession – I decided to become a tour guide. This includes intensive studies of everything in Israel: history, geography, politics and a bit more history. Ahhh and don’t forget to physically get to know quite a lot of places in the country. I will tell you all about my studies in another, more in-depth post. In short, in my second year of study (studying is for two years), I became pregnant. My pregnancies aren’t fun! So I lost a lot of days meaning I will need to recover. Until a month ago, I recovered tours and material while studying for the test, taking care of the girls and all this with Amsterdam on my mind and without a husband’s help. So I made the only sane thing, I decided to postpone the license exam for six months.

Back to moving, my husband left his old work place, packed and went to work in Amsterdam and we are here. So how the hell do I pack the house and go?

* In disclosure, everything is relative, I had endless help from my parents and my mother in law, and for that I am grateful and will be grateful for the rest of my life. In addition there is a wonderful adventure and I intend to take advantage of it and enjoy every moment … in the hope of sharing with you all along. The reason for taking this adventure is that well, from a macro perspective, timing is quite good – our old one isn’t too old, so she quite excited, the small one is too small to notice the difference. I will finish my studies, my husband was looking for his next phase and – you can’t complain it’s Amsterdam/Netherlands!

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