Oh! Moving Day

My husband came home from Netherlands for the last week of packaging (taking advantage of the holidays). The truth is, it’s not certain that this is the last week, but my visa and girls have not yet been confirmed. I went to the Dutch embassy with the request for our visa mine and the girls, but the woman in the embassy tells us that it is not certain that it will be ready until the end of the month (which is next week and we have Christmas in the middle). The importance of “the end of the month” is so we can return with my husband and have his help with carrying 7 huge suitcases, some boxes, car seats and our girls, only my sister and I.

Ah, my sister … I’ll get to her later …
Three or four days before my husband’s flight back, the embassy calls to tell me our visas is ready. The same day, my mother-in-law and I go and collect the visas.

I would like to point out here that the people at the embassy were very patient and kind. While I’m at the embassy, my husband orders us a flight … for three days later with him. 

Of course I wasn’t fully packed … but let’s face it, I’m here in the Netherlands and I still lacking a lot of things from home.

Well let’s jump to the day we fly, a particularly tough day. We travel in four different vehicles, and below is a list of contents for the trip:

  • 7 huge suitcases
  • 2 child safety car seats
  • A baby travel back carrier – that the truth … It’s a shame we took with us … I don’t think we’ll use it any time soon.
  • Let’s not forget … We took a box of a giant bike in which was the baby’s mattress and a few other things …
  • 4 small trolleys
  • Baby stroller

And if I’m not mistaken this is it…

Here, too, I want to mention the Easyjet ground attendants who were patient and helped us a lot. We managed to miss just a few pounds and paid overweight.

Departure and farewell

So yeah … how hard it is !!!

The fact that you understand that you are leaving, really leaving your parents, family and that you are taking your children away from the family … Wow how hard is that … and it will pinch you in the heart every time your kids ask you for Grandma or their Cousins … and sentences like ” Why did you bring me here?”, that will popup every time they become frustrated.

It’s just hard and it won’t pass … I know I was also that girl when I came to Israel.

But today the internet and video chat  makes it a little easier.

So there were tears and chest pains, but fortunately we have a flight to catch and everyone was excited about the new adventure … We said our goodbyes and off we went.

So after a delay in which we had to wait while sitting on the plane of about an hour until we were cleared for takeoff. We experienced a horrendous flight … with an impatient girl and a baby who has a hard time being quiet for a long time. She didn’t cry much but she did complain occasionally. Sorry to all the passengers.

After 5 hours of flying (+ another hour waiting on the ground) Yay !!! We landed.

Thank you very much Schiphol airport that after a long flight with a baby tired and irritable, the baby stroller was not waiting for us at the exit of the  plane. So I picked up my 7-8kg baby a long way also carrying coats … In short, a pleasure. We managed it, just in time to get to the long queue for passport control.

Ugh … we arrived to pick up the suitcases … and of course here too slight delay even though we were almost an hour at passport control. Then they arrived, we gathered the luggage and all our stuff and left with 4 airport trolleys, 3 adults, a baby stroller and a particularly tired girl, in search of a taxi driver who should be waiting for us.

We started looking for where the taxi was supposed to be wait for us … There was some time before so I went into Albert Heijn (the local supermarket) for some breakfast.

We waited for the taxi, a van that was supposed to pick us up, and then it arrived … and as I feared it was’t in the right size so it became extremely crowded. But it’s a short drive, so we survived.

Wow the moment we were waiting for … we got home!!!

After several journeys up and down the stairs … We were home.

Home sweet home

Good night. 

Before I finish I must thank my dear sister.

Miri my love I don’t think you understand how much you helped us by joining us, and it helped us a lot. I know it wasn’t A VACATION , but I hope you enjoyed it a little.

Thank you for being at the airport with us and helping us with the girls. Thank you for being calm and helping us at home. Just thank you thank, you thank you, I love you.

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